Wadi Dayqah Dam

Wadi Dayqah Dam is built to collect rainfall from the almost 120 wadis that flows through it and irrigate the farms and villages below it. Opened in 2012, it has the capacity to hold 100 million cubic meters of water. The dam and its other structures cover an area of about 350 hectares.

The compound of Wadi Dayqah Dam has a car park for the convenience of its visitors. There is a well manicured botanical garden and park where families can sit and relax for picnics.

Time to Visit

Wadi Dayqah Dam is open to the public everyday from 8:00am to 10:00pm. It is best to visit in the winter months when it is cool so you can take your time going around the area. It might also be nice to come after a heavy rain so you can have a chance to see water flowing out of the spillway.

Nearby Places

  • Al Hisan Fort
  • Al Jabal Al Aswad a.k.a. “Black Mountain”
  • Al Mazar’e Village


  • Photography
  • Picnics
  • Sight-seeing


  • The road from the highway is well-paved with slight steep climbs. No 4×4 required.


  • Wadi Dayqah Dam is open for free to everyone.

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