Wadi Dawkah Natural Park of Frankincense

Frankincense plays a big part of the history of Oman. In order to preserve the frankincense trees as well as the frankincense industry itself, Wadi Dawkah is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Found in the Dhofar Region, the Natural Park of Frankincense Trees covers a valley of 5 square kilometers of frankincense trees.

The tree grown in the area is the Boswellia sacra which is said to produce the best type of frankincense.

Time to Visit

  • Frankincense production starts on the month of April every year so it is best to come during these times where there will be more activity going on around the park.

Nearby Places

  • The place is in the Dhofar Region so you can enjoy the beautiful places of Salalah – the summer capital of the Middle East.

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