Nabi Ayoub | Prophet Job’s Tombs

The man is known as Prophet Job in the Bible and Nabi Ayoubn in the Qur’an. His story is stated almost the same in both of those Holy Scriptures. Prophet Job’s remains lie in the mountain of Jebel Ittin, 40km from Salalah in the Dhofar Region.

The prophet’s humble resting place is on top of a hill on a compound that also features a mosque, a footprint believed be that of Prophet Job’s and a spring called Sharsate. The spring was believed to be an answer by God to Job’s prayer.

Visitors need to observe the proper dress code when entering the compound. Women must be covered appropriately and everyone must remove their footwear when entering the tomb area.


  • The place is best for sightseeing and reflection
  • Photography, especially along the way to the tomb from Salalah

Nearby Place

  • Ain Garziz


  • Entrance is free of charge

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